3 years ago, I left my heart in Hoi An.

Upon arriving in the Ancient Town for the second time, I fell in love all over again. Hoi An feels like a place where time stands still, the history of Hoi An is reflected in its centuries old architecture. a mix of eras and influences from chinese shophouses and temples, to colourful french colonial buildings, ornate vietnamese tubehouses and the iconic Japanese covered bridge and pagoda.  A town so well preserved, the UNESCO world heritage title remains to be well warranted.

Pedaling my pushbike and passing familiar grounds, I was blissfully happy. The Ancient Town of Hoi An is like something out of an old, beautiful fairy tale.  Markets filled with souvenirs, leather shops containing charming hand crafted products, the sweetest cafes and restaurants along with many tailors, all lining the streets and winding alleys.

Uniquely beautiful, and wholeheartedly, Hoi An is my most adored place in all of Vietnam.


As dusk approaches, among the traffic of locals and tourists, beside and above, the streets become illuminated. Glittering lanterns... flickering silently, but ever so beautifully. What was already a charming and historically cultural town becomes alight with all of the colours of the rainbow. Romantic and charming, bustling yet peaceful, wholesome and homely, I could wander these streets endlessly.

Known for its numerous tailor workshops, Hoi An is the place in all of Vietnam to have clothing designed and made. There is no shortage of talented dress makers waiting to provide any personalised garments of clothing, completely measured to your own body and with your choice of fabrics. We chose to have a few articles made, and after a simple process and received within a day, we could not have been more pleased.


A town I  like to describe as one that, unlike some which have a lot of activities and adventures, is a place to just relax. Hoi An is simply and effortlessly enchanting. Relax and wander, indulge in amazing food and take a boat trip with the locals. You can ride a bicycle anywhere and everywhere, spend all your money in the adorable and boutique shops, sun bake and swim at the beach and party in the bars at night.

Whatever it may be, take considerable amount of time to be captivated by all Hoi An has to offer. Time to immerse yourself in a town whose charm is one to be experienced. See a side to Vietnam you will find nowhere else.

Uniquely beautiful, and wholeheartedly, Hoi An is my most adored place in all of Vietnam. 





spend time in ancient town

  • You must spend a good amount of time in the Ancient town. Especially walk around it from afternoon into night, it is beautiful. Ancient town is located -here-

Rent a bicycle and explore hoi an

  • Rent a bike and explore other areas, you can also ride to An Nang beach which is stunning. It isn't too far and a beautiful ride through rice paddocks.

have some clothes tailored

  • Have some clothes tailored by many of the wonderful tailors in town. There are over 400 shops in Ancient Town alone.

spend an afternoon by the river at the cafes and restaurants

The riverfront of Hoi An Ancient Town is stunning. There is an abundance of bars and cafes to sit at and enjoy your afternoon. A very bustling part of the area with small boats moving produce in and out of the area. As it turns to night the lanterns will illuminate the area, beautiful.

Enjoy Hoi an Nightlife

Hoi an Nightlife is a whole lot of fun with many bars bringing in the crowds of all ages.
Try these bars

  • Tiger Tiger Bar

  • Why Not Bar - Ancient Town

  • Mr Bean Bar - A late night bar with a roof top terrace.

Where to stay in Hoi An

  • Stay near the Ancient Town of Hoi An. It is very central to everything and is full of boutique hotels and restaurants. Not to mention its the prettiest part!

    Book Hoi An Ancient Town Hotels Here

  • We stayed in a beautiful boutique bed and breakfast called Trendy Life. It is about a 10 minute bike ride from the old town and was perfect for us because we stayed in Hoi An for over a week. The price is very reasonable and you get a beautiful modern room with comfortable beds. Marble tiled interior and large bathroom. You also get an amazing pool right outside your door. Fruit for breakfast and free bike hire. The family that own Trendy Life are some of the most generous and lovely people we have ever stayed with. A big farewell and a meal packed for our next journey. Vividly remember big hugs goodbye and looking out the back of the taxi as they all stood there and waved for the entire street.
    Highly recommend this Hotel to anyone and anyone we have sent there highly rates it too. You wont be disappointed.

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