A little about us.

Lens & Paperback is a photography and travel blog co-created by two Australian born travelers and adventurers, Kristel Chaplin and Tracey Harris.

We reside in Australia and to put simply, we are travel mates, business partners, creative collaborators… whatever you like to call it, we are a team and pride ourselves on delivering the best possible content and stories to inspire you.

L & P was started after our huge bucket-list item was accomplished in 2017, this being to travel non stop for 8 months on a budget. Visiting 42 cities, catching 23 flights, 20 buses, ample trains and the rest. Prior to this, we have poured our heart and soul into traveling as much as physically possible which has continued since 2014. We have experienced a lot of this world with our bucketlist growing bigger daily.

Our combined travels has taken us to countries such as Iceland, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Switzerland, Germany, India, Japan, Myanmar, The Philippines and many more.

We are simply here to share our experiences and to inspire you to fill your life with adventure.

Influenced by anything raw, adventurous and always keeping it real with a hint of the little luxuries in life. Both with a passion for documenting and capturing as much of the world as possible. We are always working on new experiences to share with any travel-bitten souls like you who want to escape from the daily grind.

Lens & Paperback offers travel guides, stories to inspire you, photographs to entice you, places to stay as well as photography tips and guides to help you capture your travels. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer you as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

- Kristel & Tracey

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